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Congratulations! You've arrived at the Low Cost Solicitors website. Here you can make use of a number of specialist legal services which will have you rubbing your eyes thinking you’re seeing things.

Except you’re not.

The lawyers whose services are featured on these pages are all fully qualified UK lawyers who are experienced in specialist areas of the law. They are all legal experts in their field and all of them provide low cost UK legal services.


Alphabetical Index of Legal Services


Low Cost Solicitors

There are several reasons why solicitors would wish to provide their services at very low rates. One of the key reasons we found is that people (not just solicitors) who wish to increase their client base will choose to register their services on any one of several well-frequented and highly visited work-dedicated websites. These all exist for the purpose of providing work or "gigs" to anyone who needs them, and the chief - and outstanding - attribute of this type of website is that the services they offer are extremely low cost, while remaining high quality.

There are a number of these sites and they are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people start to use them and tell other people how good they are. In the case of legal services, which our present site caters for, these sites will always provide plenty of work for the lawyers listed here, whatever their area of specialisation.

But the problem with these sites, for the people who provide work from them, is a perennial catch-22 situation: new people to the platform cannot get work without good feedback from previous clients, yet they cannot get good feedback from clients if they haven’t done any work!

So the solution is what brings a smile to your face and a light deftness of touch on your bank account: in order to get those first few jobs which will earn them the much-valued and coveted feedback, they need to offer their services at low cost, and sometimes very low cost, for a while at least.

But even after that we see that prices are kept low due to a certain amount of competition within the platforms themselves, so rates are kept relatively low and sometimes very low. The solicitors we feature within this website (all of whom control their own prices) are very keen to remain competitive in relation to the legal community "outside" in the bricks-and-mortar world.

And when we say, as in the title of this website “low cost UK legal services” we mean usually between 10 and 25 percent of what you would expect to pay for any given piece of legal work as charged by an average UK law firm. That kind of discount (for exactly the same kind of quality you’d expect to pay on the High Street, and often better) really makes a difference!

Most of the solicitors we feature here are young, but not all of them are. We have highly experienced people who are simply new to the platform, and not to the profession itself. They all need to establish themselves on the platform, even though they may be well established in their professions.


Reasons for providing Low Cost Solicitors

There are a number of reasons why professional people will want to join work platforms such as the ones that provide these services. The main reason is that the work comes to them. They don’t have to hustle for it (yes, lawyers have to look for work as well as anyone else), and they love the absence of stress which this situation brings. They just do the work which they’re experienced in; they don’t have to market their skills or sell themselves in order to win clients over because the clients come to them due to the popularity of the websites which contain their profile and their service descriptions.

And we catch them just at that point, where they’re offering their specialist legal knowledge and experience for low cost. We approach them and make them an offer which they, practical people that they are, will usually jump at.

So here we have a win-win situation for everyone: the lawyers, the clients and the owners of this website. Everyone is happy.

Eventually, of course, they will get enough feedback to be able to increase their fees and we must say a heartfelt thanks and goodbye. But we’re always able to fill their places with a new crop of eager legal experts who, again, see the advantages of this situation for themselves.

But sometimes we find that they decide to keep their prices low enough to justify having their services remain in this website, so we're very happy to keep them on here.

There are several such job platforms in the “gig economy” which are gaining huge traction because of their ability to provide very high standards of professional service at very low cost. We simply cream off the best by providing this winning combination of high quality and low cost and presenting the providers of such services for you here within these web pages.


Guaranteed Excellent Low Cost Solicitors

So this is how we can offer you a continuous supply of excellent, specialist highly motivated legal talent for a very low cost indeed.

What’s more, you’re guaranteed a brilliant service, whatever it is that you want done, because the whole point of the exercise is amassing those great feedback scores. The solicitors here will be specially motivated to please you, their clients, and so you’ll be guaranteed a superb service from the moment you appoint them right through to the completion of the project that you need to be accomplished.

Clients like you and many others who visit this site in order to hire a lawyer for a specific job will have the opportunity to leave your feedback at the end of the project, once the work has been successfully completed. As a mark of appreciation, the standard of feedback tends to be correspondingly very high. Even though feedback is never solicited outright, it is normal for clients to go out of their way to make the effort and leave the kind of glowing feedback and brief project review about the superb quality of work that their legal expert has earned in providing for them an excellent low cost legal service. Just a few words are sufficient.

The feedback system is very simple. Just give a mark out of five on the project page then – and this is entirely up to you whether to do this or not – write a few words to say what it was about this particular person who provided such a good service.


Our Low Cost Solicitors Areas of Expertise

So what type of legal work will you see offered on this website, carried out for you to a very high standard but at very low cost?

Click on the following link to the sitemap for an alphabetical listing of all specialist legal work carried out on this website.

Many legal subjects are known by different names. For that reason, we've compiled a list below of areas of the law using terms which you may be more familiar with, together with what it is called here, and with a link to that specific page.

Advertisement Agreements (see Low Cost Advertising Agreements)
Agreements for Purchase (see Low Cost Agreements For Sale)
Amendment of Leases (see Low Cost Variation of Leases)
Articles of Incorporation For Limited Liability Company (see Low Cost Articles of Incorporation)
Boundary Disputes (see Low Cost Dispute Resolution)
Brand Protection and Infringement (see Low Cost Copyright Law)
Broker Contracts (see Low Cost Broker Agreements)
Business Contracts (see Low Cost Business Agreements)
Business Lease Contracts (see Low Cost Purchase and Sales Business Agreements)
Business Leases (see Low Cost Purchase and Sales Business Agreements)
Business Purchase Agreements (see Low Cost Purchase and Sales Business Agreements)
Buying Property (see Low Cost Conveyancing)
Car Sale Agreements (see Low Cost Sale of Car Agreements)
Car Sale Contracts (see Low Cost Sale of Car Agreements)
Change of Name by Deed Poll (see Low Cost Change of Name Agreements)
Commercial Contracts (see Low Cost Commercial Agreements)
Commission Contracts (see Low Cost Commission Agreements)
Company Advice (see Low Cost Company law)
Company Bankruptcy (see Low Cost Company Law)
Confidentiality Contracts (see Low Cost Confidentiality Agreements)
Consultancy Contracts (see Low Cost Consultancy Agreements)
Copyright Infringement (see Low Cost Copyright Law)
Copyright, Patent and Trademarks (see Low Cost Copyright Law)
Corporate Law (see Low Cost Company law)
Deeds of Variation (see Low Cost Variation of Leases)
Distribution Contracts (see Low Cost Distribution Agreements)
Domain Name Contracts (see Low Cost Domain Name Sale and Purchase Agreements)
Domain Name Purchase (see Low Cost Domain Name Sale and Purchase Agreements)
Drawing Up Legal Contracts (see Low Cost Contract Drafting)
Drawing Up of Agreements (see Low Cost Contract Drafting)
Drawing Up of Contracts (see Low Cost Contract Drafting)
Dropshipment (see Low Cost Drop-Shipping Contracts)
Employment Agreements (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Employment and Labour Law (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Employment Contracts (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Franchise Contracts (see Low Cost Franchise Agreements)
Franchising (see Low Cost Franchise Agreements)
Furlough (see Low Cost Employment Law)
General Company Policies (see Low Cost Company Law)
Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Hire Purchase Contracts (see Low Cost Hire Purchase Agreements)
Home Office Immigration Disputes (see Low Cost Immigration Law)
HP Agreements (see Low Cost Hire Purchase Agreements)
HP Contracts (see Low Cost Hire Purchase Agreements)
Incorporating (see Low Cost Articles of Incorporation)
Investment Agreements (see Low Cost Investment Contracts)
Investor Agreements (see Low Cost Investment Contracts)
Joint Venture Contracts (see Low Cost Joint Venture Agreements)
Labour and Employment Law (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Last Wills and testaments (see Low Cost Wills and Testaments)
Lease and Tenancy Agreements (see Low Cost Lease Agreements)
Leasehold Contracts (see Low Cost Lease Agreements)
Leave Policy and Holiday Entitlement (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Legal Drafting (see Low Cost Contract Drafting)
Legal Notices (see Low Cost Contract Drafting)
Letters Before Claim (see Low Cost Letters Before Action)
Letting Contracts (see Low Cost Lettings Agreements)
Limited Company Setup (see Low Cost Articles of Incorporation)
Limited Liability Company (see Low Cost Articles of Incorporation)
Neighbour Disputes (see Low Cost Dispute Resolution)
Outsourcing Contracts (see Low Cost Outsourcing Agreements)
Overtime and Holiday Pay (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Partnership Contracts (see Low Cost Partnership Agreements)
Partnership Deeds (see Low Cost Partnership Agreements)
Patent Registration (see Low Cost Patent Law)
Probate (see Low Cost Wills and Testaments)
Probate Law (see Low Cost Wills and Testaments)
Property Purchase Agreements (see Low Cost Conveyancing)
Property Transfer (see Low Cost Conveyancing)
Purchase of Car Agreements (see Low Cost Sale of Car Agreements)
Re-Drafting of Leases (see Low Cost Variation of Leases)
Real Estate Purchase Agreement (see Low Cost Conveyancing)
Redundancy (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Rental Agrreements (see Low Cost Letting Agreements)
Rental Contracts (see Low Cost Letting Agreements)
Sale and Purchase Agreements (see Low Cost Sales Agreements)
Search Engine Marketing Contracts (see Low Cost SEM and SEO Agreements)
Search Engine Optimisation Contracts (see Low Cost SEM and SEO Agreements)
Selling Property (see Low Cost Conveyancing)
SEM, SMM, SEO Agreements (see Low Cost SEM and SEO Agreements)
Service Contracts (see Low Cost Service Agreements)
Social media Marketing Contracts (see Low Cost SEM and SEO Agreements)
Starting a Limited Company (see Low Cost Articles of Incorporation)
Tenancy Contracts (see Low Cost Tenancy Agreements)
Tenancy Leases (see Low Cost Tenancy Agreements)
Terms of Use (see Low Cost Terms of Service )
TOS (see Low Cost Terms of Service)
Trademark Infringement (see Low Cost Trademark Law)
Trademark Registration (see Low Cost Trademark Law)
UK Employment Law (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Unfair Dismissal (see Low Cost Employment Law)
Vehicle Purchase Agreements (see Low Cost Sale of Car Agreements)
Website Design Agreements (see Low Cost Website Design Contracts)
Website Development Agreement (see Low Cost Website Design Contracts)
Website Development Agreements (see Low Cost Website Design Contracts)
Website Development Contracts (see Low Cost Website Design Contracts)
Website Privacy Policy (see Low Cost Privacy Policies)
Wills and Deeds (see Low Cost Wills and Testaments)
Wrongful Dismissal (see Low Cost Employment Law)

We are able to draw upon a team of legal specialists who will be able to provide a matchless service in any of the above areas of the law and much more besides. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the above list, or on our sitemap page, let us know by sending an email to our support department at support .. [at] .. lowcostsolicitors.co.uk (normal email format has been altered to prevent harvesting by spam bots).

All our solicitors are qualified in UK law, although some are based overseas (another reason why they are able to offer such attractive low cost UK legal services, because the cost of living in the country they choose to call home is so low in itself). Many of these are also experienced at international law and the laws of specific countries, and will be able to provide comparative assistance.


Delivery of Your Low Cost Legal Services On Time: Guaranteed!

Another important thing to note (although certainly by no means a trivial matter) is that these legal professionals will all deliver the project in a timely manner and in accordance with the deadline which you, the client, have agreed is satisfactory to you. The legal profession is infamous for taking a long time to do anything. But that is never the case with the services listed here! Between you and the solicitor, you set the delivery date and time and the solicitor will then be bound to deliver the agreed work, whatever it may, by that specific date and time.

That means that, from day one of the project, you will know that your goal and schedule will be kept and adhered to, no matter what. Most, if not all, legal projects are part of a series of events which must be completed in a pre-arranged order; by using our services here, you will have a further guarantee that the series of events you have set your mind on will be kept and that everything will go according to plan. For sheer peace of mind, you will never regret using our services for any of your legal needs.

We are constantly updating the list of legal services that we can offer as well as the solicitors who provide them. If we don’t offer the service you are looking for now, it is very likely that we will be offering it at some point in the near future. If there is any specific legal service that you would like to see us include then please write to use at the email address above, and we’ll be sure to fully research the possibilities of including this specialist legal service with a view to adding it to our existing broad range of legal services.


The Legal Establishment Takes Notice

On the UK’s New Law Journal website, an article appeared in November 2018 called ‘Lawyers in the Gig Economy’. It described how the “gig economy” was “taking hold in the legal sector”, whether the legal establishment liked it or not, with over 1,000 lawyers in the UK registering themselves on these new work platforms which include the provision of law resources, and working online and remotely.

The article acknowledged that this encroachment by the online “gig” sector was inevitable, and the reasons for this growth in online lawyers were many. They included not having to pay overheads like renting expensive office space in city centres (and especially in the City of London), and hiring of expensive IT staff in-house, the ability to work flexibly, avoiding the profession’s tradition of working long hours, a far greater percentage of time spent on fee-earning (rather than soulless promotional work and self-publicity), keeping a higher proportion of their fees, and not having to commute each day.

The online life was also cited as attractive because it meant that a lawyer could say goodbye forever to office politics and to the fact that online lawyers can be more entrepreneurial and could strike out on their own without having to worry about what the boss might say, or peer-group pressure from colleagues all around them when they make an advantageous decision by themselves.

They could afford to charge far less to their clients, passing on the savings made from the online lifestyle, and thereby become more competitive.

And a lot of it can be summed up by gaining a much more favourable work/life balance. If you had the choice, how would you prefer to work?

So welcome to the world of the low cost, high quality online lawyers. Enjoy the new experience!



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